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A Great Mix

I'm in a band called Analogik and we have made some records before, but we are really terrible slow to produce new finished tracks. So in order to deal with this, and to speed things up a bit, we decided to put out an ep with some of our newer tracks. That was a while ago, it's been finished on my computer for a long time now, but I guess things just take time, even in these fast paced internet days. But anyways, it's out now.
Here's a player so you can have a listen:

One thing that is different for this record is that we have spend a lot more time recording it. Normally we just record straight in to the computer, instrument by instrument- layer cake style. We also did that for this record. The difference was that after we did that, and in theory was finished, we erased all that and recorded everything again, but this time all together at the same time. Like a normal band would do I imagine. And instead of recording to a computer we recorded it onto a big 24 track reel to reel recorder. The outcome of all this "extra work" is that the tracks sound a lot more "together" especially the blend between analog sources and the very digital computer sounds. I really think we took our sound to the next level, and I'm very pleased with the result.

Here a few pictures of us doing what I just described.

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Beasts Vol. 2

Beasts volume 2 is out and I got a beat on there. I have been looking forward to this one for some time, mostly because I really dig vol1, but also because I'm really happy with the beat I did for this one. "Beasts" (both vol 1 & 2) is a compilation of tracks made by danish beatmakers, there's no rapping, it's all just raw beats.. and it's a free download so give it a listen, there is some great tracks on that album.
Also check out vol1 which was, in my opinion, one of the nice albums in 2010.

Beasts vol2

Beasts vol1

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