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Holbek 2. gennemløb

Arh yeah, another compilation featuring me. This time it's the remix version of Holbek's (Steen Rock) album "Frit Løb". This is all danish but i am sure that it can be enjoyed if you don't understand the words. It contains remixes by Contekst, Tue Track, Mikael Simpson, Upskiboo, Lulu Rouge, Scratch Magic and more. Great [...]

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A Great Mix

I'm in a band called Analogik and we have made some records before, but we are really terrible slow to produce new finished tracks. So in order to deal with this, and to speed things up a bit, we decided to put out an ep with some of our newer tracks. That was a while [...]

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Beasts Vol. 2

Beasts Vol2

Beasts volume 2 is out and I got a beat on there. I have been looking forward to this one for some time, mostly because I really dig vol1, but also because I'm really happy with the beat I did for this one. "Beasts" (both vol 1 & 2) is a compilation of tracks made [...]

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[mixtape] Unknown TDK #1

Unknown TDK - the Space Tape Mix by Doctor Lazer This is a mix of improvised electronic music recorded direct to cassette by me and my man Timo during the christmas 2010. The setup is me on a laptop running Ableton and Maschine, and Timo on Monomachine and a Juno-1. All the music was improvised [...]

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[sound design] car commercial

This is some sound design i did for a school assignment. My idea was to try to make it sound very light and "floaty" and as if all the parts where a perfect fit.

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