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live in Brussels

Here's a video of me playing one of my (at that time) newer songs live. This is almost two years ago when we were touring a little bit in Belgium and Germany with Analogik. It's alway fun to play in foreign countries, you really notice the difference in crowd behavior, for instance in Belgium (or [...]

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[i like] Holbek, Frit Løb

Danish hiphop legend Steen Holbek aka Steen Rock of Nobody Beats The Beats fame (among a lot of other things), has made a very fine album which I believe you would like. Partner in rhyme Khal Allan is featuring in the track "Hvor Langt Skal Vi Ud" which is also my favorite track on the [...]

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[beat] Big Bang

Video by Marie Boye Space funk™ music by the Dok.

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[beat] Space Cruisin’

The flight from Copenhagen to Amsterdam takes about 1.5 hour, in that time there's about 45 minutes where the seatbelt sign is off and you can use your computer. This beat was made on one of those flights and is about chilling at high velocities.

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Time has passed since my last post, stuff has happened and music was made. I will try to do a little summary: I lived in Denmark, now i Live in Holland I was working on this beat, now it's done I was making music with Analogik, now there's an EP I was unemployed, now I'm [...]

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