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Beasts Vol. 2

Beasts volume 2 is out and I got a beat on there. I have been looking forward to this one for some time, mostly because I really dig vol1, but also because I'm really happy with the beat I did for this one. "Beasts" (both vol 1 & 2) is a compilation of tracks made by danish beatmakers, there's no rapping, it's all just raw beats.. and it's a free download so give it a listen, there is some great tracks on that album.
Also check out vol1 which was, in my opinion, one of the nice albums in 2010.

Beasts vol2

Beasts vol1

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…and then came the invisible morning


Free downloadable internet album from the Århus based music collective, Submental Records. I got a more recent track on there called "Czech Republic Room".

Download here.

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Tuder og Hovding LP


Khal Allan's very homemade debut album was one of the best danish hiphop albums in '08 and probably also of all time. It parts from the usually danish take on hiphop where you try to nail a certain amercan sound as good as you can, and fucks that by just doing whatever seemed right at the time.
You need to understand danish to fully get this album, but it is probably also pretty enjoyable just for the beats.
I got some beats on there aswell.

Get it here

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Bedroom Beats EP


Free internet EP - enjoy


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